• Which courses does BCC offer?

    BCC offer an array of programs to fulfill various needs of students such as JEE and PMT coaching, Foundation programs for juniour classes and CBSE coaching to the students from class V to XII.

    Our courses are divided into various Programs Like:

    * Sure Selecting Program (SSP)

    * School Learning Program (SLP)

    * Pre-Foundation Course

    * Foundation Course

    * Crash Courses

  • What is SSP?

    Sure Selection Program is a unique coaching program that aims at long term success of student. It is a one of its kind program that guarantees sure placements at top colleges in India (*with  scholarship)

  • What is SLP?

    SLP is School Learning Program for class V-XII. It focusses on CBSE syllabus, with main objective of heling the child securing good academic results.

  • What is Crash Course?

    Crash Course is a short term course provided at almost the end of the academic session for the students who want crisp and thorough revision of the whole syllabus. Usually the duration of the Crash courses ranges from 60-90 days.

  • What are the different crash courses provided?

    According to the need of the child, there are different types of crash courses:

    • Master JEE :  STC JEE is a Short Term Crash Course for JEE and other Engineering Examination

    • Master PMT :  STC PMT is a Short Term Crash Course for PMT and other medical entrance examination

    • Master 12 : STC 12 is a Short Term Crash Course for CBSE XII examination

    • Master 10 : STC 10 is a Short Term Crash Course for CBSE X examination.

  • What is Pre-Foundation Program?

    Pre-Foundation Program is a classroom coaching program for Class V to VII which aims at preparing the child for appearing national and international level Scholastic exams in adition to CBSE coaching. 

  • What is Foundation Program?

    Pre-Foundation Program is a classroom coaching program for Class VIII to X which aims at preparing the child for appearing national and international level Scholastic exams and olympiads in adition to CBSE coaching. 

  • When does a new academic session starts at BCC?

    Each year new academic Session starts from the month of April for Classes V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and XII.

    For class X and XII new session starts from mid march, every year.

  • How is BCC different from other coaching institute

    BCC provides a friendly environment to students which is lacking in most of the reputed institutions. We aim at maintaining low strengths in each batch so that each students gets individual attention.

    Our institute focusses on overall improvisation of the child and helps them in coping up with the presenrt stressful environment.

    We also regularly assess the student and feedbacks are provided to parents on regular basis.

  • How can I enquire for admission at BCC?

    enquiry for the admission can be done through the follwing ways:

    1. You can call at the number 011-28085521, 9212366885, 9212266885

    2. You can leave us a message at our website in the chat drop box available at the homepage.

    3. You can walkin directly at our institute in the below adress:

    Bhardwaj Career Classes

    Sho no 101&107,

    Plot no 4,

    Vardhman market

    Dwarka sec 2,

    New Delhi - 75

  • Can you send fee details through sms

    No, we do not provide information regarding fee details or classroom commencement and admission provedure through sms on mobile.

    You are requested to walk in at our institute at the address given below:

    Bhardwaj Career Classes

    Shop no 101 and 107

    Plot no 4

    Vardhman Market

    Dwarka Sec 2

    New Delhi - 75

  • Do you provide any demo classes?

    Yes, we do provide a demo classes for minimum 3 days and upto 5 days maximum.

  • Do you provide individual subject classes also?

    No, we do not provide individual subject classes. Students are enrolled in classroom programs on a whole.

  • What if I dont get any improvement in school grade

    With dedicated faculties and friendly environment student is nurtured to develop retaining capacity. The situation of non-improvement in grades wont arise. But if the parents are not satisfied with their wards performance, then individule attention to the student is given and also build his confidence  to do well in exam.

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